This store is not owned nor directly operated by the people from the WPL RC Factory therefore me (Edward) is acting as the medium between you and the factory should you need help. Therefore please be polite with your request as I don't benefit from your purchase outside of the Official Store. :-)

Aftersales support priority to purchase from Official Store.
Parts supports for purchase not from Official Store will be removed soon.
***Counterfeit product or product with content modified by reseller will not be supported.

If you have issue(missing parts/faulty parts) with WPL purchased from other store/reseller, please reach out to the store/reseller for solution First, if they are unable to provide satisfactory solution, Only then you contact us.

Watch video for details about aftersales claim - WPL RC Announcement

To make it easy for me and you, please explain clearly and attach any clear photos of the issue and the conversation with the store/reseller.

Language supported : English, Malay & Chinese only