Please read the below T&C closely before reaching out to us


1. Logistic

- Reseller/Wholeseller to appoint your own forwarder in China to bulk ship the goods to your destination country. Please provide proof of own logistic/forwarder from China to your country. Factory does not provide bulk shipping option. 

*Please figure this out before contacting us

2. Payment

a. We accept payment in Chinese dollar RMB to Chinese bank account only. No Paypal. Some forwarder maybe able to make payment on behalf of you. Please inquire your forwarder

b. USD international transfer to account in HK/China 

3. Minimum Order Quantity

- Each model must be purchased at min 1 carton. Each carton 12 units. No 1 or 5 or 6 units accepted. ie C24 RTR Red, min order 12 units. However, you do not need to purchase all models.

- minimum quantity for parts is 20 units

4. Business details

- Briefly explain about your business. Webpage, link to your website, photo of your business location & etc.

5. Your name

To contact us,

Please list your answer from 1 to 5 as below.

1. Details of your logistic

2. a or b?

3. Understand?

4. Details of your business

5. Your name 

Send your Email to

* Do not contact if you are unable to fulfill the above requirements

* By contacting us regarding wholesale/reseller request, you agree that WPL RC has the final decision whether to establish business with you after an interview about your business.

* Price list will only be provided if your details above is clear, complete & genuine.