The are good reasons why it cost more at the Official Store,

1. We only use Premium Airmail shipping with tracking to 68 countries. The reason we stick to this shipping company is due to its consistency in successful delivery and shipping time. It rides on cargo plane, not passenger airplane cargo space that can be affected by flight availability.

2. On average and normal circumstances, the shipping time is around 2 weeks. Not your inconsistent aliexprxss shipping that can take 2-3months.

3. Your KIT/RTR/KM and some parts are shipped with a very thick box. This increases the volumetric weight and actual weight hence higher shipping cost factored into the selling price. Other sellers just load your WPL into plastic bag and often arrived exploded inside. For context, say your C14 KIT weights at 1.2kg, the external shipping box itself already weight 0.3-0.4kg, that's like 1/3 of it! So the air shipping cost more than the product itself!

Watch how we handle you parcel in the video below.

4. We take care of you by having an awesome world class customer support from the UK.

We are hobbyist ourselves too so we understand how important it is to reliably receive parcels in good condition and fast shipping time.